When you need a new roof in the Atlanta area, you need a roofing company you can trust. Although there are no regulations that state a roofer must have a license in the state of Georgia, there are plenty of good reasons to find one that is.

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Roofing Contractor

The roof on your house provides a barrier to keep the weather and pests out of your home and protect your belongings. If your roof has been damaged in a storm or has reached the end of its life, it’s time to find a trusted, licensed roofing contractor to replace it. When you hire a roofing company, make sure to ask about licensing. Hiring any old Average Joe off the street to install a new roof on your home may have many negative consequences. You’ll feel better, be better protected, and have fewer troubles when you hire a professional.

Experience and Expertise

Replacing your roof is not a DIY job. A licensed roofing contractor has experience and expertise in roofs, making them experts on the subject. Putting a new roof on the house has many nuances that the roofer must know to provide quality craftsmanship. You need someone who knows what materials give you the best protection, how to install the roofing materials properly, and provide unmatched attention to detail. A licensed roofing company is the best way to get top-quality, professional, and comprehensive roofing service.

Knowledge of Codes and Regulations

State law and local building codes dictate certain aspects of installing a new roof. A licensed roofer stays up to date with these laws, codes, and regulations to ensure your roof meets and exceeds standards. Failure to comply with the regulations could result in fines and penalties that will cost you hard-earned money. You might even be required to make repairs to the new roof or replace the roof entirely yet again if it is not installed in compliance with building codes. In the unlikely event that a licensed contractor fails to follow codes, they are likely to fix mistakes without additional costs to you.

Warranty and Guarantee

Many building materials come with a manufacturer’s warranty stating that they will hold up as designed. This warranty may be voided if you fail to use a licensed contractor and your roofer does not use the materials in the way the manufacturer intended.

Licensed roofing companies may also offer a warranty or guarantee on their work. A professional company works hard to give the best craftsmanship and feels secure offering a guarantee without worrying about losing money.

Insurance Requirements

Homeowner’s insurance policies cover your roof and any damages to your home and personal property due to storm damage and other problems with the roof. When replacing your roof, your insurance company may require that the work be completed by a licensed contractor to ensure that the job is done correctly. If you hire an unlicensed roofer, your insurance company may refuse to pay for the work if completed as part of an insurance claim. Further, the insurance company may refuse to cover future damages to your property and belongings due to your roof if you don’t hire a licensed contractor.


A new roof takes time to complete, but it shouldn’t take a long time. While the roofers are busy tearing away the old and putting on the new, your home is at least partially exposed to the elements. You’ll also be faced with clutter in the yard, people on your property, and noise from the construction work above. A licensed roofing company knows how much of an annoyance roof installation can be to a homeowner and will work hard to complete the job quickly.


Working on top of a roof can be dangerous, especially if there are steep peaks and high surfaces. A licensed roofer understands this danger and takes steps to prevent injury to employees. Professional roofing companies will use safety harnesses, hard hats, and fall protection gear to ensure their workers do not fall off the roof. They may use roof brackets, heavy-duty ladders, and equipment hoists to boost productivity while keeping workers safe, too. An unlicensed roofing contractor may not be as concerned about safety and may not require the use of personal protective equipment or safety gear. Smaller, inexperienced companies may not understand the importance of safety equipment or be able to afford the various devices. If an employee from an unlicensed company is injured on your property, you may face huge medical bills and lawsuits to cover the injuries.


Nobody wants a crew of rude, messy workers on their property. A licensed contractor offers professional behavior from start to finish, ensuring you aren’t annoyed or inconvenienced by the roofers. Professionalism from a roofing company includes a clean work environment. This means the workers remove the old roof and keep the materials contained rather than spread out across your lawn. They keep new materials neatly stacked out of the way until they are ready for use. At the end of the job, the crew cleans up any debris and mess they’ve created, leaving your property just as they found it when they first arrived. Professionalism also includes courteous and friendly attitudes, a prompt start, and working efficiently to complete the job as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

Cost Effective

Although unlicensed roofers may advertise and offer a lower price than professionals, it doesn’t always pay off in the long run. Inexperienced roofing companies may make mistakes during the process, resulting in additional costs to fix. Further, if your unlicensed roofer doesn’t follow rules and regulations, you may be tasked with finding another company to fix the problems. You could also face fines which you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Finally, your insurance company may refuse to cover your roof if you don’t hire a reputable contractor. If your roof is damaged later and you suffer losses to your home and belongings, you’ll be left paying for that yourself.

Peace of Mind

Given all the benefits of hiring a licensed roofing contractor, you’ll find peace of mind at the end of the process. You’ll know that your roof is sturdy and strong and ready to protect your home and valuables from the elements. Moreover, you’ll know that the job was done right so that you aren’t left paying for additional costs. And you’ll know that the roof is built to last years and in accordance with various laws and regulations.

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