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A leaky roof is a frustrating problem to have. Not only can it cause damage to your home, but it can leave unsightly stains, warp drywall, rot away wood, and create mold and mildew that can jeopardize your health and leave nasty odors behind. Leaks can come in a variety of sizes, but all of them have something in common: they need to be addressed as quickly as possible. That’s why you should reach out to the team at Fraser Roofing, LLC for superior roof repair services in Georgia & South Carolina. We proudly offer repairs for leaks in all types of roofing and will keep you and your property protected through even the wettest and rainiest conditions.

When it comes to the roof over your head, you accept nothing less than the best. With so much depending on your roof for protection, you need high-quality repair services like the ones offered by the team at Fraser Roofing, LLC. Our leak repair team works with all types of roofing, including new and old materials alike. We work quickly to find leaks wherever they are, using our extensive training and experience as well as both indoor and outdoor observations to find signs of damage and wear that need to be addressed. This thorough approach to your leak ensures that we solve the problem for good, and we’re so confident in our ability that we stand by our work and guarantee your satisfaction.

Stop the frustration of a leaky roof! Make the call to the team at Fraser Roofing, LLC at (404) 341-7663 and let us keep your home safe from water damage with a quality leak repair service.

How to Find a Leak

Locating a leak in your roof can be tricky, especially if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. Most of the time, you probably don’t want to go outside looking for leaks while the weather is inclement. Likewise, many people don’t want to brave their attic during bad weather to see if they can spot where water is coming in from. Just because you see signs of water somewhere doesn’t always mean that’s where the leak is, either; water can sometimes travel along cracks and drip at different places.

The team at Fraser Roofing, LLC can help you find your leak faster. With our years of experience, we know what to look for and where leaks form. This allows us to properly address your problem so the leaks disappear for good and you go back to living your life in comfort.

Here are a few tips for finding roof leaks in your home:

  • Look near areas where water tends to pool up or run toward, such as hips or joints between two different planes on your roof. Water tends to accumulate in corners like this, where it can then easily run to a gutter.
  • Take a look around your roof from the outside of your home and look for any shingles or tiles that are missing, cracked, or otherwise damaged.
  • Look near your rain gutters for signs of standing water damage, usually caused by blocked rain gutters causing water to pool up on the eaves or edges of a roof.
  • Look down the plane of a roof for any signs of warping, sagging, or bowing. These are indications of wood wear and are surprisingly common in aging roofs.
  • Look for discolored wood, particularly light-colored wood that appears to be stained. These lighter colored areas may also be splintered, cracked, or particularly brittle, and are signs of water damage.
  • Look around your chimney and near any attic vents in your roof for signs of water intrusion, as this happens when rubber flashing wears out.

We offer leak repairs for both old and new roofs alike, including for all common materials like asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, slate roofs, metal roofs, and more. Any replacement materials we use come from premium manufacturers with a long history of producing great products and long-lasting roofing solutions for your total confidence and peace of mind.


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  • Best Warranties In The Business
  • Award Winning Service
  • Local Family Business
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Highest Quality Materials
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  • I HIGHLY recommend calling Joel for all your roofing needs.

    "Joel is great at looking out for his customers’ best interest! I HIGHLY recommend calling Joel for all your roofing needs. I see first hand the heart and dedication he puts into his work on a daily basis. He truly cares and has a desire to serve."

    - Kathy W.
  • Great company, Great people, and Great service

    "Fraser roofing is an exceptional company run by honest and helpful people. Christina and Dave were great to work with. Their professionalism and attention to detail was superb. We also really liked their team of workers who were friendly, hard-working, and when the job was complete, they cleaned up like they had never been there! We love our new roof! Thank you Fraser Roofing!"

    - Mitch and Judy
  • "Thank you Fraser Roofing. We have been trying to get someone to come out for months. The other companies wouldn't call back or didn't even show up. Fraser Roofing were on time and very knowledgeable. If we ever have any roofing problems again we will call Fraser Roofing. Thanks again."

    - Bobby Brinson
  • Top notch service

    "Worked with Mikal on several projects. Very professional, and honest. Communication and customer service was great!"

    - Mrs. Hunter
  • Exceptional team.

    "Our roof sustained damage from a recent hail storm. Jeff and rest of Fraser Roofing team were exceptional to work with. I highly recommend Fraser Roofing for all your roofing needs."

    - Fred
  • Very Happy

    "I have talked to several people who used Fraser Roofing and they are very happy. Good job Dom!!"

    - Aaron P.
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