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There are loads of different roof materials out there on the market today. However, by far the most common and cost-effective option is the asphalt shingle roof. Asphalt shingles are widely used throughout much of the American south, including throughout the states of Georgia and South Carolina, due to their relatively low cost, high durability against impact damage, and great resistance to high winds. This makes them a great choice for protecting homes in areas that are prone to weather events like hurricanes or tornadoes.

Here at Fraser Roofing, LLC, we proudly offer quality shingle roofing services from professional roofing contractors. We are proud to have earned recognition as an elite installer, including obtaining the Select Shingle Masters designation from CertainTeed, one of the biggest names in the industry. That means we can proudly offer some of the best warranties in the business when it comes to new roof installations with CertainTeed shingle products, and we can fix just about any issue you’re having as well. From finding and fixing leaks to replacing damaged materials, we handle every job with the confidence, expertise, and reliability you’re looking for in a roofing contractor.

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Why Choose Shingle Roofing?

Perhaps the greatest advantage of shingle roofing is the cost—compared to other commonly-used materials, shingle roofing is easily one of the cheapest per square foot. However, they have other advantages, including their relative durability to severe weather. They are less likely to crack from impact due to debris in high winds or hail falling from the sky. They are also much harder to lift off a roof than a clay or concrete tile would be, and they’re nowhere near as likely to cause damage if they do.

Many homeowners choose asphalt shingles because:

  • They come in a variety of styles and colors
  • They can be installed on nearly any shape or angle
  • They are fairly easy to install for an experienced professional, meaning a faster installation process
  • They provide some noise reduction, including during rain and hail

The other major advantage of shingles is the cost. Compared to other common materials like tile or slate roofing, asphalt shingles are significantly cheaper. This is because their manufacturing process is fairly simple, materials are widely available, and their light weight means they can be easily transported and installed. It’s also remarkably easy to create shingles in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes, so you can find the material that is perfect for how you want your home to look.

Why Should Fraser Roofing Be Your First Choice?

  • Best Warranties In The Business
  • Award Winning Service
  • Local Family Business
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Select Shingle Masters
  • Fantastic, friendly and fast !

    "Fantastic, knowledgeable and FAST. I did not expect to get my roof fixed today, just an estimate. They came out, realized they had the needed materials in their truck and repaired it while I waited. They explained everything, every step of the way. I've gotten fast food slower than that. Highly recommended !"

    - Sharon Reynolds
  • Integrity

    "I was actually most impressed with the business I DIDN"T do with Dominick.....he drove 90 minutes to check on my roof & spent 30 minutes doing a thorough inspection. He came down and said that it was in great shape. Not many folks in the roofing industry have this type of integrity---I've known Dom for 30 years and he's good people!!"

    - Bill H.
  • The best word to describe Fraser Roofing is excellent!

    "When you’re questioning the integrity of the roof over your family’s head, look for the best roofing company, be sure to hire a local roofer like Fraser with a solid reputation, who will stand by their work"

    - Lisa B.
  • I HIGHLY recommend calling Joel for all your roofing needs.

    "Joel is great at looking out for his customers’ best interest! I HIGHLY recommend calling Joel for all your roofing needs. I see first hand the heart and dedication he puts into his work on a daily basis. He truly cares and has a desire to serve."

    - Kathy W.
  • Truly a Five Star company all the way around.

    "can truly say this company has your best interest at heart."

    - Melissa M.
  • One of the best local business I've ever worked with

    "I was blown away by the level of professionalism and courtesy I was afforded while working with Fraser. I have a brand new roof, and couldn't be happier. Their quality is top notch, and they use only the best materials. They walked me through the insurance claims process step by step while maintaining a level of integrity and honesty that is often sorely lacking in the residential construction field. I would recommend them to anyone who's looking for quality work done by ethical professionals who are driven by quality and integrity rather than profit."

    - Trey G.

Average Lifespan of a Shingle Roof

The length of a shingle roof's lifespan is mostly determined on the climate and the environment the house is located. On average a shingle roof can last around 15-20 years before needed a complete replacement. In regions of the country where intense weather occurs such as frequent hail storms or hurricanes can weaken shingle roofs faster than parts of the country that don't experience heavy storms. Warmer parts of the country such as the southwest can also limit shingle life because of the drastic variations of temperature between night and day.

Options for Shingles

The most common and popular style of shingle is the three-tab shingle, as they generally carry the lowest price tag. This type of shingle carries a uniform size and shape, giving your roof a flat, two-dimensional look that many people love. However, their downside is that they are not a long-term roofing material. Shingle roofs do not last nearly as long as other materials, and thus will need to be replaced far sooner than others. You may need to replace your shingle roof in roughly 20 to 30 years’ time, depending on a number of different factors.

Architectural shingles can vary in shape, size, and style, giving your roof a slightly larger variety of looks. Because of this, their cost and installation time can vary. However, they do tend to still carry a low price tag and are generally still quick and simple to install. Likewise, because you have a little bit more variety in your options, you can give your roof a little bit more of a detailed appearance.


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