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Storm Damage Repairs in Georgia & South Carolina

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One of your home’s primary functions is to protect you from the elements, and there may be no time where this is more important than during severe weather. Georgia and South Carolina are well-known for their severe storms, including heavy concentrations of lighting, large hail, high winds, and even tornadoes and hurricanes. Your roof’s job is to protect you from these weather patterns, but Mother Nature can and does cause damage to even well-built roofs during these intense storm systems. That could leave your home at risk if you don’t have the damage fixed as soon as possible.

Just because you can’t necessarily see any damage to your roof doesn’t mean damage hasn’t happened. In the aftermath of heavy rains, falling hail, a lightning strike, or high winds, it’s important to make sure your home is fully protected and that your roof is still in good repair. Whether the signs of damage are obvious, or if you’re simply worried and want to make sure your roof’s integrity is intact, we recommend an inspection and storm damage repair service as soon as possible. Fraser Roofing, LLC provides experienced storm damage repair solutions, including major repairs and partial rebuilds. We offer fast service and even work with all insurance carriers so you can get help getting the fix you need right away!


Hail Damage Repairs

While high winds are no stranger to the south, perhaps the most common major threat to your roof is large hail. During thunderstorms with a high amount of vertical air movement, small water droplets can freeze in blistering cold air, and the upward and downward movement of air allows these droplets to grow. Eventually, these balls of ice fall out of the sky in the form of hail that can be anywhere from pea-sized to as large as a softball! And they hit with considerable force as well—a golf-ball sized hailstone hitting your roof can have the force of a big-league hitter smashing a baseball.

Hail of virtually any size can damage a roof, and damage becomes more and more likely the larger hailstones get. Hail damage is not always immediately evident, particularly with materials like asphalt shingles that are less prone to cracking from impact damage. However, that doesn’t mean damage isn’t there; impact may have created a weak point that could turn into a costly leak. That’s why we recommend a comprehensive roof inspection from Fraser Roofing, LLC as soon as possible. The faster you discover the damage, the sooner you can get started with your repairs and the smoother any insurance claims will be.

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  • I love this company and I highly recommend it.

    "I love this company and I highly recommend it to anyone who has roofing issues. Savannah was AMAZING!"

    - Amanda
  • Exceptional Service

    "Thank you to Fraser Roofing and Lee for providing exceptional service within 24 hours of my call! I called on a Thursday evening, being in a time crunch to close on my house. He was out the next morning and emailed the detailed report by mid-morning!"

    - Jessica T.
  • Excellent communication.

    "We were blown away by how quickly we went from making a decision to having the project complete."

    - Kurt N.
  • Great Job and Very Timely

    "Just want to say "thank you" for your help with out church roof. You all did a great job and very timely. Please know that we are grateful for all you did and your professionalism. Manuel did a very good job painting, patching sheet rock and spraying the ceilings. May your day be blessed and hope you will come back and worship with us again very soon."

    - Pastor Carey Swanson, Statesboro Church of God
  • They were extremely professional and efficient.

    "Thank you Fraser for making this project seamless and pleasant. We truly enjoyed working with you!!"

    - Marnie W.
  • Very competitive prices & top notch service

    "What started as a very frustrating battle with my insurance (that I lost) ended with a beautiful new roof and the best customer service I have encountered. Travis did everything he could to help every step of the way, was flexible with scheduling, and made sure I was happy with the final result. And now my house looks beautiful and I have complete peace of mind."

    - Emily

Home Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

You pay for home insurance to protect you from the financial damage that can come from a severe storm impacting your home. However, the claim process can be complicated, intimidating, and full of pitfalls, as insurance companies will often try to get out of their financial obligation. At Fraser Roofing, LLC, we’re on your side, and we’re here to help. We work with you and your insurance company directly, taking some of the load off of your plate and getting you the help you need quickly.

Tips for a Successful Insurance Claim

If you have never had to deal with an insurance claim before, you may not necessarily know what’s ahead of you. We want to help, so here are a few tips you should keep in mind to make your claim smoother and easier.

  • Your insurance provider will probably have a list of preferred contractors and service providers that they will direct you to. You do not have to use any of them. Despite their insistence, you can go to any service provider you would like. Don’t let them attempt to persuade or even intimidate you otherwise.
  • Make a note of the damage you can see yourself. Write down a description of it and take pictures. Keep these for your records in the event your insurer tries to deny that damage was ever there.
  • You are entitled to a second opinion. Your insurer will probably send a roofing contractor from their preferred provider out to inspect your roof. You are entitled to have an inspector of your own come out and take a look too.
  • Make note of any property that is damaged due to the damage to your roof. Any possessions that sustain water damage due to serious leaks should be reported to your insurer.
  • Avoid any out-of-town roofers that make a living by chasing severe weather across the American south. If a roofer doesn’t have a local address and facility, they likely aren’t properly licensed or insured, and won’t treat your home properly.

The faster you can get started on your claim, the better. We recommend filing your claim with your insurance company as soon as possible and then giving our team a call to schedule an inspection service immediately after. Our team specializes in assisting with these types of repairs and will work with you to ensure your roof is fixed and your home goes back to normal quickly.

If you’re looking for help in the aftermath of severe storm damage, contact Fraser Roofing, LLC today.


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