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It might surprise you to learn just how important rain gutters are to protecting your roof. Every time it rains, your roof is pelted by an amazing amount of water—hundreds or even thousands of gallons over the course of a single inch of rainfall. All of this water needs to go somewhere, and it can get into sensitive or critical areas of your roof if it isn’t handled properly. This is where rain gutters come in: rain gutters collect and carry this water away to a location where it can be quickly, easily, and safely drained. When gutters become damaged or wear out over time, you will need to replace them, and you should call the Atlanta rain gutter replacement pros at Fraser Roofing, LLC to make sure the job is done right!

Fraser Roofing, LLC has always taken pride in offering our customers a world-class experience with every job we take, and we make no exception to this rule when it comes to gutter replacement services. We know how pivotal gutters are for protecting your roof, and we do everything in our power to ensure that your gutter system is durable, strong, and flowing freely so you have nothing to worry about when the rain starts to fall. Every gutter system we install is constructed from materials that come from reputable manufacturers, and each member of our team is trained to ensure these products are properly installed for maximum longevity and functionality. Whether you have a small home or a large property, you can be certain you’ll have the protection you need.

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Why Are Gutters So Important?

Rain gutters have the important responsibility of carrying away water that collects on your roof during rainfall. This water can quickly accumulate into puddles or “ponds,” which in turn can cause major damage to your roof surface as well as your eaves and other important structural components. Falling rain also will drop straight off your roof in one direction, potentially flooding the land immediately below. This can cause soil shifting, buckling, or bowing, resulting in potential foundation damage as well as flooding of any gardens lawns, or flowerbeds.

Rain gutters help you avoid this problem by collecting all of the falling water and carrying it away to where it can be safely drained, usually to a storm drain system. Gutters are safe, waterproof, and designed to handle a high amount of water flow, making them extremely effective at handling your rainwater problem during even the heaviest rainfall conditions.

When Should I Replace My Gutters?

Is it time to replace your gutters? At Fraser Roofing, LLC, we can help! No matter how large or small your home might be, we offer comprehensive gutter replacement services that will protect your roof and your property. We carefully engineer every system and construct it to all relevant codes and standards to make sure rainwater won’t be a worry for your roof.

Why Should Fraser Roofing Be Your First Choice?

  • Best Warranties In The Business
  • Award Winning Service
  • Local Family Business
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Select Shingle Masters
  • He worked with me on my Design and Budget

    "Dom and Fraser Roofing put my new roof on and it turned out looking and working great! But that wasn't all...he also came over and listened to my plans for a new deck in my backyard. He worked with me on my design and budget and I now have the best looking deck in Lilburn! Professional, honest, met all my expectations, and kept me in line with my budget. Thanks Dominick....I owe you big time!"

    - Phillip M.
  • Very Happy

    "I have talked to several people who used Fraser Roofing and they are very happy. Good job Dom!!"

    - Aaron P.
  • Unbelievable customer service!

    "Unbelievable customer service! I needed my roof inspected ASAP. When I called the office they said someone would call me that same day to schedule a time for the inspection. Sure enough, Jason called me just an hour or so later. Although it was already 5pm"

    - Dana W.
  • They were extremely professional and efficient.

    "Thank you Fraser for making this project seamless and pleasant. We truly enjoyed working with you!!"

    - Marnie W.
  • For Anyone who needs an Honest Assessment

    "Dominick did a great job in getting my roof bought when it needed to be and after two previous adjusters said it was not necessary. He was able to show the insurance companies where there was damage that they had overlooked and my roof was replaced. He advocates for the homeowner and is very competitive using only first class materials. The roof looks great and I am thankful in this economy that someone was there to help us get a roof that was due to us from the poor conditions that Mother Nature threw our way. I'd recommend Fraser Roofing to anyone looking to get an honest assessment on their roof and an advocate for the homeowner."

    - Lewis F.
  • "Thank you Fraser Roofing. We have been trying to get someone to come out for months. The other companies wouldn't call back or didn't even show up. Fraser Roofing were on time and very knowledgeable. If we ever have any roofing problems again we will call Fraser Roofing. Thanks again."

    - Bobby Brinson

Keep Your Rain Gutters Clean!

Rain gutters have another distinct challenge: they frequently fill up with debris like dirt, dust, sticks, mud, leaves, and other detritus that can accumulate after falling down your roof. This is unavoidable, and eventually all of this debris will build up and cause serious problems for your gutters and for your roof. When debris accumulates into an obstruction that blocks water flow, this blockage prevents water from flowing away properly through your gutter system. This both adds significant weight to the gutter itself, increasing the risk of potential damage, and it also increases the chances of water flooding out of the gutter, potentially damaging your foundation.

The solution to this problem is a simple one as much as it might be unenjoyable: clean your rain gutters. Nobody likes to have to get out the ladder and dig out the debris that builds up in your gutters over time, but it’s a necessary chore if you wish to keep your roof safe, protected, and free from flooding or ponding. Cleaning your gutters isn’t necessarily difficult: a garden trowel or other small shovel is typically suitable for digging this debris out. However, a shop vacuum might do the job as well if you can get a long enough hose. Likewise, installing gutter guards on your gutters can reduce or even eliminate the need for annual gutter cleanings.

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