The Dangers of DIY Roofing

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Caring for your home can seem to be a chore for some, but others relish in weekends spent tending to the lawn and checking the gutters for leaks. However, while many home maintenance jobs are a good fit for DIYers, dealings with your roof are not.

Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Roof

Your roof is one of the most important and expensive investments you'll make for your home. Keep these problems in mind when deciding whether to DIY your next roof project or not:

  • Work takes longer to complete - Delays in gathering the supplies and equipment necessary for DIY roof work, combined with weather conditions and the additional time inexperience adds, you could add weeks to a roof replacement. Professional crews not only have the supplies, equipment, and expertise, but they also have more hands to help on the project.
  • Bad craftsmanship - No one masters a skill without practicing it first, and there are very few ways for a homeowner to practice roof work outside of the job itself. When you opt to work on your roof yourself, you're risking shoddy workmanship, which can create safety hazards for your home and your family.
  • It can void your warranty - Certain manufacturers require work to be completed by professionals. If you misstep and make a mistake while DIYing, it may cancel the warranty of the product.
  • Problems with insurance - Insurance companies don't want to pay out for policies, so anything that isn't explicitly covered can come to an out-of-pocket cost to you. Professional roofers typically come with their own insurance, which gives you better peace of mind.
  • More expensive - Roofing jobs really add up! Whether you buy or rent all the equipment needed, you still have to purchase nails, shingles, and other supplies for your roof. If you make a mistake while working on your roof, you can cause more damage — leaving you with a massive bill.

Fraser Roofing, LLC Offers Quality Work Without Compromise

Quality roofing starts with great attention to detail and hard-core skills. That's exactly what our team delivers to our clients. Have no worries when your roof is in our care—you can rest easy knowing that it's in great hands. Contact our team at (404) 341-7663 to schedule your inspection or appointment today!

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