Signs You Need a New Roof

Missing shingles on roof

Sometimes a roof needing repair or replacement might not be easy to spot. A leaky roof is not always the number one sign your roof is failing. Although roof replacement is a considerable expense, a new roof will help save money in the long run by avoiding constant repair. Without a sturdy roof, your property can accumulate more damage to other property elements. In this blog, our roofing experts will discuss common signs that indicate a new roof may be in your future.

Benefits of a New Roof

A new, well-maintained roof improves your home’s heating and cooling efficiency and increases your property value. The increased curb appeal will assist in selling your home because a roof with a pristine appearance often means the rest of the house is taken care of as well.

Signs You May Need a New Roof

Missing/Broken Shingles

Broken or missing shingles is a good indication your roof requires replacement. Shingles provide adequate protection to your roof; if they begin to decay or break, leaks can begin to occur and cause other problems to develop inside your home.

Moss Growth

Moss growing on your roof can be carefully brushed away with a mixture of bleach and water. However, if the moss is left unattended for too long, it can begin to trap excessive amounts of moisture which causes the roof to deteriorate. The intense moisture constantly sitting on the roof will cause rot and deterioration of the shingles meant to protect your home.


A roof older than 20 years is due for replacement even if no visible damage is evident. If you are unsure of your roof’s age, we recommend having it examined by a professional to determine its age and when a replacement is necessary.

Saggy Ceiling

Moisture in the ceiling will cause it to sag and is a good indication your roof is leaking into your home. If the ceiling is soft to the touch, similar to soggy cardboard, it is most likely due to roof failure. If left unattended, the ceiling could cave in, and mold will begin to grow, causing potential health issues.

Wildlife Damage

Animals sometimes try to make a home within your roof, causing immense damage. Once the wildlife has been removed, small holes should undergo repair. However, if left unrepaired, the damage will continue to intensify and cause irreversible damage, forcing you to replace the entire roof.

If your roof shows signs of damage, our experts at Fraser Roofing, LLC are ready for the job! Give us a call today at (404) 341-7663, so we begin the installation process and protect your home from unnecessary repair.

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