Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

If you own a home, you almost certainly have homeowner’s insurance. Most banks require it as a condition for funding a mortgage, and most people who outright own their home have insurance as a financial safety net should a sudden and unexpected disaster happen. After all, who can predict when Mother Nature may unleash her wrath with your home inconveniently in the way?

Homeowner’s insurance can pay for a lot of things, and that does include damage to your roof. Because your roof is your home’s primary line of protection against virtually everything, it only makes sense that your insurance company would offer coverage for it. However, you might be surprised to learn that not everything is covered when it comes to your roof. This blog will take a closer look at what most policies do and do not cover so you can know for certain what you should and should not file a claim for.*

What Caused Your Leak?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer as to whether or not roof leaks are covered under home insurance. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not. It all comes down to one extremely important question: what caused your roof leak? This is important because a roof leak is covered under homeowner’s insurance if one develops as a result of a named circumstance. For example, if your roof develops a leak as a result of damage due to severe storm winds, then the leak would be covered and you would be able to file a homeowner’s insurance claim to have the project fixed. That is, provided that you have a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers wind damage (most do).

However, a few things that are not covered would include things like damage as a result of general wear and tear. Homeowner’s insurance providers understand that no roof will remain intact permanently, and thus you as the homeowner bear some responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep on your roof. Minor issues are your job to fix, and your insurance won’t cover any damage that comes about as a result of neglecting this responsibility. The same can also be said for other non-named or covered causes, including pest damage (carpenter ants or termites), bird damage, mold damage, wet rot, code violations, or contractor errors that are not properly rectified. The one thing that links virtually all of these things together is that they are preventable or avoidable with a few proactive measures, and homeowner’s insurance companies make it your responsibility to take these measures as much as possible.

HO-8 Police

There are some home insurance policies out there that are specifically designed for unique situations that insurers deem to be “high-risk.” In other words, insurers recognize that this particular property carries a much higher chance that the insurer will have to pay out more on claims than they will recoup in premiums, and thus the terms of the policy are significantly adjusted.

According to, HO-8 policies are designed to specifically cover old and high-risk homes. This includes homes that may be in a state of decay, dilapidated maintenance, or disrepair, such as your proverbial “fixer upper.” Because these homes are much more likely to sustain serious damage from things like falling objects or winter weather damage, many of these policies actually do not cover roof leaks at all. Not all homes that require HO-8 insurance have to stay that way, and not all old homes will fit into this designation.

Not Covered? Call Fraser Roofing!

If your roof leak is not covered by your insurance, don’t despair! High quality roof repairs are more affordable than you think, and nobody should have to go without having a durable and dependable roof over their head. Fraser Roofing has provided homeowners in situations just like yours with premium roof repairs that make sure they have the protection they need.

Worried about the cost? On a tight budget? Fraser Roofing offers friendly financing through reputable companies that offer flexible terms like choosing your payment date, low interest rates, and even an easy application process. And many of these programs are open to individuals with a wide variety of different credit scores.

If your roof is leaking and you need a repair, Fraser Roofing is here to help! We even work directly with home insurance companies if your repair will be part of a claim. Contact us online today or dial (404) 341-7663 to schedule your service.

*The advice included in this blog is designed to be reflective of a typical homeowner’s insurance policy and does not necessarily reflect the specifics of your situation or the terms of your personal homeowner’s coverage. Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent for accurate information pertaining to your exact policy and to make any policy adjustments.

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