3 Tips For Securing Holiday Decor To Your Roof


It is the season to get those holiday decorations up on your roof unless you left them hanging since last year because you forgot to take them down. When it comes to hanging up holiday decorations, we have seen many homeowners make mistakes that can cost them an extra trip up to their roof to hang them up again, which can lead to a slew of safety hazards. Avoid having your holiday decorations falling off your roof with these tips!

Clip Those Decorations

We often hear stories of homeowners nailing down their holiday lights onto their roof, and we cringe every time. Sure nailing down a Christmas light can make sure the decoration will not fall off, but it comes at the cost of your roof’s integrity! Nailing holiday decorations is a bad idea because you create holes in your shingles and damage your roof.

What you want to do instead is take the time to clip your lights to avoid putting holes into your roof. Not only will you keep your roof sturdy, but avoiding holes can deter possible pests and even mold from taking advantage of the damaged shingle.

Pick The Right Ladder

This tip may go without saying, but make sure to have a sturdy ladder before you decide to hang up your holiday decorations. Having your ladder be the correct height and safely secured can avoid nasty falls that can lead to an unexpected visit to the hospital. On top of having a sturdy ladder, make sure you have someone helping you ensure the ladder is secure. Setting up the ladder on your own can be problematic if your ladder slips on your climb up.

Check The Rating

Make sure when it comes to lights and other electronic decorations that they are rated for outdoor use! Using lights not rated for the outdoors can lead to broken bulbs, and take another trip to your roof to get all your decorations down. When it comes to electronics, make sure that any extension cords you use are also appropriately rated for outdoor use. You want to avoid potential electrical fires and improperly lit decorations.

The best precaution to take before decorating your roof is to make sure your roof has been inspected. At Fraser Roofing, LLC we can help make sure that your roof is holiday-ready! Call our professionals at (404) 341-7663, and we are happy to answer any of your roofing questions, as well as help you set up your holiday decorations.

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